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Super Mario Brothers X – Version 1.3 Release Wednesday 10/20/10

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Apparently, my “before the end of the year” prediction was correct.  Super Mario Brothers X version 1.3 has been released, and the download link is here: http://www.supermariobrothers.org/smbx/.

Three videos showing the new features:

The Ice Flower functions like it does in New Super Mario Brothers Wii.  Most enemies can be frozen, and thrown, and can be destroyed by a spin jump.

Link’s power-ups have been extended to all the power-ups available.

The new Battle Game pits players against each other in an attempt to kill one another three times.

The installer is 37 megabytes, but worth every packet of it.

A review of this new version, with a listing of the new features will be posted when I can replace my keyboard.



1. randomaurora - Friday 11/5/10

Mario! I used to play that game a lot and I once found it online and used to play it all the time. But I’m talking about the first version “Mario Bros” haha.
I’ll definitely look into these new versions! 😀

smcgamer - Friday 11/5/10

Good to hear. I hope you enjoy the game!

2. Bill - Thursday 2/2/12

If you still have the application, can you send me the hash output of the file, that is if you still have it and it is not renamed, or edited.

smcgamer - Friday 2/3/12

I believe it can still be found on Download.com. If you can’t find it there, I’ll figure something out. Thanks for the comment!

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