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Fix for eMatic MP3 Players (EM Series) Tuesday 12/28/10

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For Chistmas I got an eMatic EM102VIDB MP3 player. When I plugged it in to my computer, it crashed, and then refused to activate, even if I used the reset button.

The solution, not guaranteed to work, is to plug it into another computer.  With any luck, it will re-activate.  Do not push any buttons for several minutes. It needs some time to charge.  After a while, you can try to plug it into your own computer.  If it fails again, I’m afraid I can’t help you further, for it worked for me.

Good luck!

Rather unrelated note:  The video player only plays MTV video files, a format so obscure even VLC can’t play it.  Luckily, the package comes with a conversion program on CD.


1. Shanice - Saturday 1/1/11

Yeah this same thing happened to me for christmas i got an ematic EM164-eJAM II and I downloaded music and everything and when I plugged it up to my computer the whole screen went blank and even when I turn it on it wont play music.I’m was so mad hopefully this works.But I have to wait til my moms not looking because if she finds out boy am I in trouble!!!

smcgamer - Saturday 1/1/11

I’ve found a comprehensive site for MP4 Players at http://mympxplayer.org/. It has firmware, and other methods of fixing MP4 players. Good luck!

2. rance campbell - Thursday 4/14/11

i can help trouble shoot any problem you have with the ematic,too much to type call me,Rance,(phone number withheld),chicago

smcgamer - Wednesday 4/20/11

Thank you for the offer, but the e-Matic player is working just fine. I had to edit the comment because I’m sure you don’t want your phone number available online.

Thanks again!

Thomas - Thursday 11/10/11

Dear Rance,

My dad just asked me to transfer some musics to a Ematic102VIDBL, but my PC could not recognize the Ematic. Pls call me at 858-880-6930…Thanks in advance.

3. Jessica Arnold - Sunday 9/4/11

Yeah, but that only works for THOSE eMatic MP3 players. Mine is the eMatic EM164VIDP and it’s a 4GB. The problem I have is the reset button won’t work, and I need to be able to do that, like NOW!!! I can’t find anything that helps, sooo if you have ANY advice or solutions, let me know. Either email me at hotblondie224@gmail.com, or reply to my comment. Thank you.

smcgamer - Tuesday 9/6/11

I’m sorry, I don’t have that model. However, there is a forum where you could ask for help: http://mympx.org/forum/

4. smcgamer - Sunday 1/8/12

Actually, I discovered an easier solution a few weeks ago: Use the reset button. Gee, I feel kinda dumb now.

5. cortney - Saturday 2/23/13

i have an ematic emsoo8pn when i first got it i plugged it in to the computer and it worked fine then i un plugged it and i turned it off now i can not get it back on please contact me back at cortney_rogers@ymail.com.
thank you so much.

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