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January 2: A Programmer’s Challenge Sunday 1/2/11

Posted by smcgamer in Archive, Post-A-Day 2011, Programming.

Sunday, January 2, 2010.  There are 363 days remaining.  Today is the first Sunday in 2011.

You see, my brother and I are hobbyist programmers.  I’ve made a few neat (but usually unneeded) applications in Visual Basic 2005, and 2008.  My brother, on the other hand, prefers C and other C-like languages.

That leads us to New Year’s Eve.  I created a programmer’s challenge to write a program that would print the contents of a text file to a command line in the least lines possible.  There were to be two rounds to this challenge.

I chose to use Visual Basic 2008 on Windows; my brother chose C on Arch Linux.

Screenshot of a typical Visual Basic function,...

Image via Wikipedia

First round results are in:

  • My program is eleven lines long.
  • His program is twenty-three lines long, and doesn’t work correctly yet.

Looking back, however, it may not have been fair for me to choose VB 2008.  However, we still have the second round.

Code will be posted at the end of the second round.


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