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January 4: SMBX Tutorial Tuesday: Eight Red Coins Tuesday 1/4/11

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Today is Tuesday, January 4, 2010.  Workman Publishing is offering a free online Page-A-Day calendar here.  Please also take a look around their main site.

Today is my first iteration of Tutorial Tuesday, in which I give tutorials about how to do things in Super Mario Brothers X.  Today, I’m covering how to make a classic (and modern) implementation of eight red coins.

Whomp's Fortress requires the player to naviga...

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Classic (Super Mario 64)

In Super Mario 64, each main course had a eight-red-coins star, in which you would collect eight red coins scattered across the level.  Claiming all of these would give you a star.  This is very easy to do is SMBX.  After you finish building your level,

  1. Click the menu item called “View”, then click “Layers”.
  2. Create two layers called “Red Coins” and “Star”*.
  3. Now click View > Events.
  4. Create an event called “Red Coins Claimed”.*
  5. In the box titled “Layers”, click “Star”*, then click “Add” under “Show Layers”.
  6. If you want, you can have the game play a sound indicate a star has appeared.  I like “Defeat Boss”.  You can also type in a message in the message box if you want.
  7. In the Layers window, click “Red Coins” again so it’s highlighted.  The words “Red Coins” will now appear beside your cursor in the editor window.
  8. In the NPC window, choose SMB3 and then click the red coin.**  BEFORE you place any coins, click “Events”.  In the “No More Objects in Layer” box, choose “Red Coins Claimed”.
  9. Now place eight red coins, or five, or fifty, or as many as you want.
  10. Now, click “Star” in the Layers window.  In the NPC window, click the star.  Note: If you don’t want the star to end the level, use the SMW star instead.
  11. Place the star.  If you want, you can also place a platform for the star to be on in the same layer, though it’s up to you.  It also doesn’t have to be a star; it can be any exit whatsoever.  Just make sure you provide all the parts of the exits (e.g. keyhole for a key, goal posts for an SMW exit, etc.).
  12. Click the checkmark by “Star” in the Layers window to hide that layer.
  13. Click “Default” in the Layers window to return to default editing.

*Layer and event names are symbolic only; you can set them to anything and still have them work.

**Only yellow or red coins should be used; blue coins are worth five normal coins, but red ones are only worth one.

New Super Mario Brothers Wii

In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, there are red rings in most levels which trigger eight red

coins.  These coins will vanish after a short while, but if the player collects them all, he/she would receive a power-up or 1Up.

  1. Create two layers, “Red Coins” and “Power-Up”.
  2. Create an event named “Red Coins Claimed”, and set it to show the Power-Up layer, as described in step 5 above.
  3. Create another event called Red Ring Activated, and set it to show the red coins.
  4. Create another event called Hide Red Coins, and set it to hide the red coins.
  5. Set Red Ring Activated to call Hide Red Coins after a few seconds (five or more is good – it can vary) as seen to the left.
  6. Place something that will trigger the red coins.  If it’s a P-Switch, just tie the show and hide layer commands to P Switch Start and P Switch End using the Trigger Event box.  If it’s an axe that uses custom graphics to make it appear as a red ring, tie Red Ring Activated to this object as show in step 8 above (just choose “Death” instead of “No More Objects”).
  7. Place the red coins as before.  Don’t forget to set “No More Objects in Layer”.
  8. Click the checkmark besides the red coin layer in the Layers window to hide the red coins.
  9. In the power-up layer, place a power-up or a 1up (your choice).  It’s best to set Don’t Move to Yes.  Hide this layer as well.
  10. Test it in the game.  If the time period is too short, increase it.

Please ask any further questions in the comments.



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