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January 6: An Update On Various Things Thursday 1/6/11

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Today is Thursday, January 7.

A few updates on things I’ve covered before:

  • Secret Maryo Chronicles: The most recent source code is always available at the Git source library at https://github.com/FluXy/SMC/.  Please be aware that

    Image via Wikipedia

    you have to compile this manually, please don’t ask for help here; ask it in the official forums.  Also, be sure to check out a ton of new graphics from MrVertigo27!

  • Super Mario Brothers X: The forums are down.  On TrekWeb’s homepage, we see that “It Works!” indicating a massive site failure.  If you really need help, please join the official IRC channel at #smbx on FOSSnet.
  • This blog: I have a project I’m going to start soon.  I think I’m going to make a series out of “Deconstructing the…” posts, because I like the title.
  • Visit this site! http://cockeyed.com/ Author Rob Cockerham does a whole lot of stuff here, it’s definitely worth checking out.

I need more topics.

Edit (1/9): The forums (and all of Trekweb) are down due to a hardware failure, losing them four months worth of data.  The forums are being completely rebuilt, and it might be a few weeks before they are operational.  In the meantime, please join #smbx on FOSSnet for all your questions.


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