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Deconstructing a Full Prescribing Information: Part I of Many Friday 1/7/11

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Today is Friday, January 7.

Super-geek powers GO!

For my next Deconstructing the… post (or incredibly long series of posts), I choose a full prescribing information for none other than Lunesta, the commonly-advertised sleeping pill.  Let it be known now that I have no intention of “uncovering shocking truths” about this drug.  I’m just looking to make sense of  a very long document with a lot of long, complex words.

“Why?”, you ask?  I say “Why not?”, for which you can probably come up with a thousand responses to.  At any rate, it seems fun and interesting.

The main full prescribing information can be found at this address, so you can read along with me.  The document is two pages of small text set on 17″ wide paper.  I know, almost every lowercase l is glitched.

Because it’s so long, I’m going to do it in many parts.  I aim for at least one-half of one column of text per post (totaling 20 posts), but I’m probably going to do more.  Also, I won’t put up a new part every day, because I’ve got other things to write about.

So, armed with Wikipedia, let us proceed into the depths of a full prescribing information!

Note: I think this qualifies as fair use.  If I’m wrong, tell me otherwise.

The Full Prescribing Information of Lunesta (eszopiclone)

Prescription only.

LUNESTA(r) (eszopiclone) TABLETS

2D structure of eszopiclone (Lunesta)

Image via Wikipedia

1 mg, 2 mg, 3 mg

LUNESTA (eszopiclone) is a nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic agent that is a pyrrolopyrazine derivative of the cyclopyrrolone class.

Wikipedia tells us that the pyrrolopyrazine derivate and the cyclopyrrolone class act like benzodiazepines, drugs that are basically sedatives.  They work by enhancing the effect of the neurotransmitter called gamma-Aminobutryic acid, the “chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system”.  So, I guess it inhibits other neurotransmitters for sleep functions, and the benzodiazepines help them to do so.

The chemical name of eszopiclone is (+)-(5S)-6-(5-chloropyridin-2-yl)-7-oxo-6, 7-dihydro-5H-pyrrolo[3, 4-b] pyrazin-5-yl 4-methylpiperazine-1-carboxylate.

That was a long formula.  Note the dihyrdo – that’s H2, two-thirds of water.

It’s molecular weight is 388.1, and its empirical formula is C17H17CLN6O3.

According to Wikipedia, Lunesta is 25.1 times heavier than water.

Eszopiclone has a single chiral center with an (S)-configuration.

A chiral center is a point where a molecule has a stereoisomerism, which is apparently an isometric molecule which has the same formula as a different molecule, but looks different three-dimensionally.

Eszopiclone is a white to light-yellow crystalline solid.  Eszopiclone is very slightly soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, and very soluble in phosphate buffer (pH 3.2).

Ah, but what about hydrochloric acid?

I’m running rather short on time tonight, so I think I’ll call it a night.  And no, I have zero intentions of becoming a pharmacist, regardless of the article.  And if I make a WordPress admin laugh, my work here is done.

Don’t want to read this?  Check out my other Deconstructing the… article: Deconstructing the Minus World!


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