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SMBX Tutorial Tuesday: Using Custom Graphics Wednesday 1/12/11

Posted by smcgamer in Archive, Post-A-Day 2011.
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Today, I’ll show you how to use custom graphics in your SMBX levels.

A custom graphic is a GIF file replacing sprites for a block, object, or background.  These objects are numbered, and the originals can be found in C:\SMBX\graphics, by deafult.  Many have made their own custom graphics for use in the game, and forums user Red Yoshi has compiled 6,000 of these into a graphics pack.  Here is how to insert these graphics.

  1. Create an empty level and save it.
  2. Create a folder with the name of the level, minus the “.lvl” extension.
  3. Place the custom graphics into this folder.  Also place any custom NPC flags (stored in text files) in this folder.
  4. The slots in the editor should have changed.  You can now use these.

Edit:  I didn’t click Publish last night, though I could swear that I did…  Oh, well…


1. user1 - Saturday 10/29/11

how to make something like this that toad will be your enemy and he shooting fireballs at you or trowing goombas?

2. Johnny Webb - Monday 10/7/13

It’s not working… I don’t see how to use my NPCs after I placed the folders and crap…

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