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What Not To Do: Let Something Fall Down a Lint Trap Friday 1/14/11

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New Series: What Not To Do.  What Not To Do details stupid things I’ve done and how to fix them if they break.  Tonight I cover how to fix an item falling down a lint trap.


Note: I’ve delayed Deconstructing a Full Prescribing Information: Part V until tomorrow.

Dryers made by companies like Whirlpool and Inglis usually have lint traps that are on the top of the unit, making them oh-so-easy in which to drop things down into.  Luckily, the fix is easier than you might think.  WARNING: UNPLUG IT FIRST!

  1. Remove the lint trap and two screws holding it in place.
  2. Remove the back of the unit, including the cord and duct if necessary.
  3. There are four to six screws holding the back of the lint tube in place.  Remove these.
  4. Remove the back.  The object should be easy to remove.
  5. Replace all screws.

For more information, check the above website.  Also, don’t run the dryer until you can fix it.


1. Coral - Monday 1/21/13

What if you removed the screws holding the lint trap in place and nothing moves? I have even tried prying with a screwdriver!!!

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