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Release: TimeView Sunday 2/19/12

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TimeView is a novelty clock program that displays the time in many different formats, including hexadecimal, binary, and even Roman numerals!  This is the release page for version 1.0.

System Requirements

  • A computer with the .Net Framework 4.0 installed*

And that’s about it – TimeView is a lightweight app.


Installation is not required – just extract the files and run.


The features of TimeView are split into four tabs:



This tab shows the time and date formatted in decimal, hexadecimal, and binary number bases.  If you need help reading the formats, just click the ? button beside the times.








Progress Tab


This tab displays how far into each unit of time the day is, formatted in progress bars.  They’ll be blocks in Windows XP, though.  The numbers can also be formatted in decimal, hexadecimal, or binary.










Color Tab


This tab displays the color of the time, which is arrived at by taking the RGB color of the hexadecimal time, which is conveniently six hex digits.  It’ll update per second, and the current RGB color values are displayed at the top.










Roman Tab


This tab displays the time and date formatted into Roman numerals.  As it’s our time format, rather than the Roman’s, the formatting is a bit odd.








This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Download (v1.0 for Windows)

Source Code (for Visual C# 2010 Express Edition)



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