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Minecraft (Part I): Introduction Wednesday 5/9/12

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If you browse the Internet at all, you’ve probably heard of Minecraft.  It has exploded into massive popularity ever since it was introduced in mid-2009.

Minecraft Logo

Minecraft Logo

Minecraft is a PC game, made of a mix of creative sandbox, first-person combat, and RPG elements.  It has been widely noted for its… simple… graphical style with most items in the game having no greater resolution than the icons in your taskbar.

A Screenshot of Minecraft 'classic'

A Screenshot of Minecraft ‘classic’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s how it works: after you buy the game, you are unceremoniously dropped in a massive, randomly-generated world. This world is comprised of large blocks, each one cubic meter in size.  The world looks like many places in nature, such as lush forests, vast deserts and deep oceans.

But you have to move quickly.  The sun quickly rises, starting the 10-minute day.  When the sun sets and night falls, the monsters come out and try to kill you.  You need to build or find a shelter before the moon rises.After you establish a home, you can dig down into the ground and discover large cave system scattered with ores such as coal, iron, even diamond.  You need to be even more careful, as the dark caves are a favorite hiding place for the monsters.  Additionally, large lakes of boiling lava are found deep, and will burn you and your stuff to ashes if you fall in.

As you expand your resources, become better at combat, you can start thriving instead of just surviving.  The unique thing about Minecraft is how creative its players can be.  You are offered a wide palette of building materials, such as wood, stones, bricks, even wool and snow.  You can use these to build houses, elaborate underground bases, stone castles, water rides, skyscrapers, even entire cities.  You can even play with other people on dedicated servers.

A redstone circuit.

Another popular but highly advanced aspect is the usage of redstone.  Redstone is a fictional ore that behaves much like electrical circuits in the real world.  Many processes can be automated through redstone circuitry, and complex devices can be made that do incredible things.  It can be also used for simple things such as opening a door as you approach it.

Minecraft is an indie (independent) game developed by Mojang out of Sweden.  It was first started by Markus “Notch” Persson as a small hobby.  It has since grown to over 5.8 million users and is highly popular.It’s not a free game, but it provides many hours of fun, and is highly expandable, with third-party custom “adventure” maps and many modifications that add new features and items.


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